Our Mission Statement

The CIM Porcupine Branch is a not for profit organization that actively engages the local community, strives for excellence, and aims to become the leading mining professional society in Timmins.

Our Objectives

  • To foster networking, professional development and fraternity
  • To recognize excellence and greatness in the community
  • To facilitate the exchange of knowledge and technology

Our Origins

Timmins was founded in 1912; the community was a "by-product'' of the Porcupine Gold Rush. Situated 680km north of Toronto, the camp attracted men and women eager to find their fortune and carve a name for themselves in ''New Ontario''. Starting in 1907, the area became home to dozens of prospectors who explored the areas around Porcupine Lake and the Frederick House River.

Our Website

Please visit cim-porcupine.org for more information about our branch and our events.